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When Their Eyes Fell Upon Us...

Excerpt from the Study "Into the Cosmic Maze"

Diego Antolini
There is always a date which can be set to recall sweet or bitter memories. Something that was strongly impressed upon our minds and whose remembrance can almost make us re-live that same moment, same feelings and thoughts we had.
The same holds true for historical events of mankind as a collective force. There are things that, in the puzzle of our enigmatic path, can be put together later on, decades after they have actually happened, to form a clearer picture; as we look back at it, from a detached, almost unemotional way, we are capable to have a deeper understanding of certain decision taken, certain facts recorded, little details gone unnoticed, ignored, or concealed.
It is the case for the Alien presence on Earth. Their visitations, their interactions with elite of human beings started to seep through the American chronicles around the 80s, but became massively widespread only with the advent of Internet.
That Earth (or Terra, as it seems our planet is known among the Visitors) has been an object of interest since prehistoric times is something that today we should take as an indubitable truth.
Too many religions, myths and legends, folk lore from all around the globe indicate that “Visitors from the Outer Stars” have repeatedly came into contact with the native race of Earth; that some races have been engineered into more evolved ones; that knowledge was spread among the earthlings (with limitations). And so on.
Terra, as every system in the Universe (including the Universe itself) passes through cycles of contraction, expansion, and repose. So we had floods and destruction, rise of civilizations to a semi-godly level, and static periods of cultural and technological limbo (as we are probably into now). Since the Middle Age, through Humanism and the Renaissance, all the way to the Industrial Revolution and Globalization, one epoch seems to have changed things quite rapidly: that is the Atomic Era. Once we started to study how to manipulate the atoms in order to produce enormous amount of energy in a destructive way, their [the Visitor’s] eyes fell upon us. Terra became (again?) a “Planet of Interest”.
The last Atomic devastation we had on Earth, according to late Zecharia Sitchin, left its mark in the Moenjo Daro wasteland (and, before that, the Biblical Sodoma and Gomorrah destruction, although no real evidence of those occurrences really exist).
The atomic studies began in Europe, specifically in Italy with Enrico Fermi (who later, facing the harsh opposition of genius of Physics Ettore Majorana, and perhaps following his mysterious disappearance, moved to the USA to collaborate at the Manhattan Project with Oppenheimer, Neumann, and Einstein), in Germany with Heisenberg, and in Northern Europe with Bohr.
“The Germans could have created the first Atomic Bomb, but chose not to” said Heisenberg years after the end of WWII from his golden cage in England. Probably true but it happened in America instead, and history went completely different. Nevertheless, Germany played an essential role during the 30s, the decade where all began.
According to John Lear (Captain of major US Airlines and son of the inventor of the Lear Jet), who started to come out to the public in the 80s with some startling revelations, the situation of unidentified aerial phenomena is deeply linked to Germany.
Lear stated that the Germans had recovered Alien technology from a craft which crashed on German soil at the end of the 30s (could have this triggered Hitler’s decision to start his Blitzkrieg?). Parts of this craft were later seized by Allied Forces when Berlin fell at the end of WWII (and possibly part of this technology, combined with another genius, Tesla, led to the controversial Philadelphia Experiment). The existence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth was known by the U.S. Government since the 40s when two crashes occurred: the famous Roswell Crash and the less famous Corona Crash. Following the two events, President Truman established the MJ-12 (Majority-12, later known as Majestic-12 due to a bureaucratic misinterpretation), a special group devoted to dealing with the Alien Technology. That same year “Operation Highjump” was initiated: 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft took off in February 1947 toward the Antarctica officially for “training purposes”, but in fact it was an attempt to take possession of that continent. Against who remains a mystery, but after losing a major surface ship (over 640 feet long, almost 70 feet wide, with a displacement of over 15,000 tons) in undisclosed circumstances, and several other ships and planes, the “training was called off” (Germany being defeated, and Russia being at the dawn of the Rocket age like the US, no country on Earth could have caused such damages). Admiral Byrd is the same man who in that same year (and apparently in the same period!) flew over the Arctic and right through the entrance of the intraterrestrial land where he encountered a superior being that warned him (and Mankind) against the development of Atomic energy for destructive purposes. Byrd’s account of that extraordinary experience is published in his diary (whose authenticity is still questioned by many). It is curious that, on leading “Operation Highjump”, Byrd was quoted saying:

    “…Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. Furthermore, Byrd stated that he “didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly” but that it was “a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds…
[March 5, 1947 “El Mercurio” of Santiago, Chile, article “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas” interview by Lee van Atta]

In 1952 a craft crashed in Spitzbergen, Norway. The site was inspected by Lt. General Doolittle, and Truman applied a tight Cover-up on the incident. In that same year, a squadron of UFOs flied over Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon.
1964 is, according to Lear, the year of the first direct communication between the USG and the Grays, a race of Visitors coming from Alpha Centauri A (and of the Trantaloid race according to information posted by Victor Martinez in 2006).
Other sources put a huge mark on 1965 instead, claiming that on that year and exchange program between selected elite of military personnel (12 men) and one visitor (of the Eben race, coming from the Zeta Reticuli star system) took place. The military crew went on to Serpo (the Ebens planet), while the visitor (code named EBE #1) remained on Earth, closely guarded and housed within the Nevada Test Site (Groom Lake / Area 51 / S4 Military Complex). The exchange program, knows as “Project SERPO”, was scheduled to last ten years, but in fact the crew came back in 1978: 7 of the 12 men came back (1 died on the trip to Serpo, 2 died on that planet, 2 more decided to remain there). Those who returned remained quarantined for 365 days before giving the choice to retire or remain under military service. Two decided to stay on active duty. The source of this event states that only the reserves are still alive today, while all the original cosmonauts died over the years (the last of them in 2002/2003).
So from these two apparently different sources we learn that the interaction between the Visitors and the U.S. Government was twofold: one with the Eben race (exchange program involved exchange of technology as well as knowledge about various subjects), and another one with the Grays, also called HAV (Hostile Alien Visitors, one of them, a Trantaloid, was responsible of the Gate 3 incident, aided by J-ROD, another visitor held at the NTS) because of their habit of abducting humans for experiments. The agreement with the Grays, says Lear, began in 1969 under the terms that the Visitors would provide technology against the permission of the USG to take a limited and recorded number of humans for “genetic monitoring programs”.
It seems that this agreement was made bona fide on the part of the MJ-12, who in the beginning didn’t suspect that behind the “genetic monitoring”, the Grays were implanting Mind-Control devices on all the abductees, never return many of the un-recorded humans (who served as biological material to feed the Visitors), and impregnating human females to create cross-breed infants.
Assuming that both sources are reliable (Lear speaking in the 80s, Project SERPO revelations coming out in 2006 through Victor Martinez and his serpo.org website), the chronology still makes sense because John sets the 1972-1974 as the years in which Groom Lake facility was built to house the EBE #1, and from Martinez we learn that in 1978 the human crew came back from Planet Serpo (but during those years the Eben had visited Earth regularly).
1979 is the year of the infamous “Dulce Wars”, a harsh conflict occurred in the secret underground tunnels of Dulce Base, NM, between a US Special Forces team and the Grays, which resulted in a slaughtering of the humans whose mission was to free some scientists held captive in the lower levels of the base.
In the years immediately following the Dulce Wars, the USG became aware of the Greys’ breach of the agreement and, by 1984, MJ-12 was fully aware of the big mistake made in trusting the Visitors and their loyalty. It is the time of the Reagan Administration; the President was briefed by the DIA about the Alien Situation, about the peaceful Ebens and about the HAVs. It is the year of the “Star Wars” Shield; the SDI was officially financed against a potential Soviet threat (but secretly agreed upon by Gorbachev as well), but in fact was the attempt to build a weapon against the EBEs (the Grays), a program that failed in 1987.
According to the “Red Book”, a monumental 16-volumes record compiled by the USG on the Alien presence (which is updated every five years), their visitation, purposes, and knowledge as is known to date, there are visitors from ten different star systems that have come into contact with Planet Earth so far. At least one of them is hostile. The Ebens come from Zeta Reticuli system, and are not the Grays (this is an essential point to understand for reasons implied in the above chronology of the events); the Grays come from Alpha Centauri A (the closest star system to our Sol system, 4.2 light years away); a third class of visitors come from a G2 star system in Leo (not specified if Leo [20-77 light years from Sol] or Leo Minor [145 light years from Sol]); a fourth group of visitor come from a G2 star system in Epsilon Eridani (10.5 light years away from Sol).
Each visitor is classified by a code in the “Red Book”: ETE (ExtraTerrestrial Entity). ETE 2 were the Ebens, ETE 3 the Grays, and so forth.
Lately has been determined that some of the visitors belong in fact to the same race, only they are “mechanically engineered” life forms, sort of intelligent and independent robots created in the laboratory rather than by natural birth. Things in this matter get very complicated as to distinguish the former from the latter, the friendly from the hostile.
Truth is, no matter how much technology we can acquire from these superior beings, we are not yet ready to sustain such an intergalactic relationship on equal basis. Why? Because we are not a united race, we are not willing to set aside our internal conflicts, so how do we expect to face advanced civilizations in a productive, cooperative way? This applies to both the peace-making, and the hostile visitors, and they all know it. Our strength and only hope for a “Cosmic Ticket” is to raise our inner Conscience and Awareness, take our responsibilities as human race, and learn. Before we destroy ourselves, or are destroyed. Before it is too late.
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