The Bigfoot Enigma

Excerpt from the Study "The Bigfoot Enigma"

The Bigfoot has become, over the recent years, one of the most famous symbols of the American culture. People’s interest about this sneaky, elusive creature has been stirred by a set of evidence which has been collected from all over the nation: tracks, hair samples, visual sightings (either photographic or video material), and audio files of alleged “vocalizations”.
It seems that Bigfoots make “cognitive sounds”, that is, wails, screams, howls, whistles, growls which present a given pattern resembling that of a primitive sort of language.
As for the tracks, there are famous examples of very clear and neat footprint found in areas where is believed a Bigfoot dwells. The problem with these tracks is that they are really too clear for being left by creatures who walk barefoot in the wild. This led many to believe most of the so called “evidence” being, in fact, a well concocted hoax.
After the UFOs, the Bigfoot enigma can be nevertheless ascribed as the most controversial topic which is debated at various levels within the scientific (including the para-scientific, i.e. cryptozoological) and the media community.
The reasons for this are many, but I believe that they all take from one common denominator: the ever-clashing theories of Evolutionism vs. Creationism. Who or what is the Bigfoot? An animal, an hominid, a hybrid? In the latter case, could it be the “Missing Link” Evolutionists have always been talking about since the dawn of Darwinism? Today that Darwin has become “out-of-date” in the popular (and, to some extent, the academic) view, Creationists have gotten bolder, and Genetics have replaced Biology in the race to unravel the secret of our origins.
And here lies the pivotal point: we tend to put all which we observe under a human perspective, and couldn’t be otherwise, considering that we can see and process any phenomena strictly by the use of our cognitive mind, which is subjective. Therefore the Bigfoot becomes a “Hominid” because it walks on two legs, and is believed to be a Hybrid because of its semi-human language, and because of an allegedly DNA analysis in recent years proved that the Homo Sapiens shared a good chunk of its genetic structure with that of the Bigfoot.