GHOST FILE SARCH2015 – The "Ghost" of Sant'Arcangelo (07/25/2015)

Location: Km 9+800 on SR599, S.Arcangelo village, Trasimeno Lake (Perugia, Umbria Region, Italy).
The SR599 is blocked Southbound to Perugia since July 28th, 2011, due to a landslide occurred on May 12th, 2011.
From May 12th, 2012 there is only one lane available, and a temporary traffic light directs the flow of traffic on both ways.

The sighting has been reported on March 4th, 2015 by website’s reporter Sara Minciaroni, and then bounced into other local online media. The picture published with the first article has been allegedly taken with a cell phone by an anonymous girl. The date when the picture was taken is unknown. 
The photograph shows a human-like figure with blurred contours who appears to wear a Roman tunic. The figure has wide shoulders, and a hat or halo upon the head. The body proportions are not balanced with that of his head. The face features are not visible.

The colors of the sky seem to indicate that the picture could have been shot late at night; however doubts of a digital intervention exist due to the quality of the red light: the original photographs shows a perfectly clear traffic light and red luminescence, when in all our visits to the site, every attempt to reproduce the same clear effects failed (we have used various phones, cameras, and at different times of the day in three different days, with different weather conditions, and at different angles – see below).
The analysis of the original photograph through the reading of its EXIFF data would clear all doubts and allow an accurate assessment of the phenomenon. We do not possess the original picture.

Time Elapsed: 120min (15:00hrs to 17:00hrs)
Our first visit was at day time (14:30-16:30hrs), so that we could observe the terrain, note the distances, atmospheric pollution, reference objects or landmarks, etc.
The road goes along a woody slope southbound, to the top of which stands a huge mansion), and to the North side faces the Trasimeno Lake. A guard rail is mounted to this side; over which the terrain makes a 40 degree inclination to reach the lake level. Between the road and the lake is a 50 meters flat land which stretches lengthwise for about 2 Km parallel with the road. The village of Sant’Arcangelo (Saint Archangel) begins at the end of this field.  

There are no constructions or buildings on this field, except a small adobe hut with no windows, probably used by local farmers as tools storage.