The scope of The X-Plan Group is to present complete and detailed studies about various topics that fascinate mankind since the dawn of time:
the X-Phenomena: myths and legends whose origins have been long forgotten, but whose effects are still very tangible in our modern life;
the X-Plan: the Grand Deception laid out by an elite of few in order to seize the resources of our planet, and to control the minds of people, thus annihilating their cultural identities. This would facilitate the creation of a Global Government that, at present, hides in the shadow.
These topics revolve around Nibiru, a planet-symbol of change, the sign of a new Era which will involve the whole Solar System, and beyond. Nibiru is not just a physical body but, above all, a force or cosmic energy that will determine new balances within our portion of the Universe.

The X-Plan Group carries out researches and investigations in the fields of Symbolism, Hidden Archaeology, Ancient Astronomy, Folk lore, Cryptozoology, Exobiology, and Paranormal Phenomena. Our studies are published in various sections of the website such us:
- Mysteries (Italy and the World)
- Reports of Sightings, Ghost Hunting Investigations, A/V files)
- Events (Conferences, publications, public meetings, Radio/TV shows)
- Interviews to experts  

All the articles by La Commissione are researched, written and compiled by Diego Antolini, spokesperson and coordinator of The X-Plan Group.
Among the researchers interviewed by The X-Plan Group are Robert Rosamond, Corrado Malanga, Roberto Pinotti, Solideo Paolini and Maria Morganti.

TXP is always on the look-out for fellow researchers, collaborators, and investigators who share a philosophy of the objective and multi-disciplinary research, who are driven by a true desire of knowledge and will to expand their vision of the world.
The “Work With Us” section is designed to welcome anybody to contact La Commissione, TXP’s executive body, via e-mail, phone, or by IM directly from the Home Page.  
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We hope that the information published in this ever-evolving website can be seen as a contribution on the road to Knowledge; our intention is to shed light upon all that should never remain buried underneath the ruins of Indifference.

“We don’t ask you to believe. We ask you to think”.

Safe Journey,
La Commissione
The X-Plan Group