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The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 6

Part 6 - The Government-Alien Connection

TXP Press
Why The Aliens Have Never Made A Mass Contact With Humans? Is Something Keeping Them At Bay or Do They Fear Us?
14/12/2020 19:32:51

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 5

Part 5 - Secret Military Aircrafts

TXP Press
There have been claims of UFOs and Alien Spacecrafts Sightings for many years now. Several Unexplained Phenomena have made us wonder about their existence on Earth for decades. Diego Antolini shows unpublished images that will make you think...
14/12/2020 19:26:04

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 4

Part 4 - The Alien Perspective of Consciousness and Energy

TXP Press
What is Consciousness and Energy According to Aliens? Is Technology Helping us Grow Stronger or is it Just Keeping Us Away From a Higher Consciousness?
13/12/2020 22:27:18

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 3

Part 3 - Exointegration Explained

TXP Press
What are the Valmalenco Phenomena exactly? Exo-integration explained by Diego Antolini
13/12/2020 22:23:34

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 2

Part 2 - Interdimensional Travels

TXP Press
The Valmalenco Files is about a series of unexplained phenomena which are occurring in a small, secluded valley of Northern Italy. E.T. Encounters described by Diego Antolini are the prelude to the concept of Exointegration put forward by Diego Antolini for the first time.
12/12/2020 20:19:46

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 1

Part 1 - Secrets of the Valmalenco Valley

TXP Press
Are the E.T. out there that can telepathically hear our cry for help? Are the stories of superheroes inspired by alien encounters? Diego Antolini reveals some astonishing facts based on The X-Plan Group's research on Aliens.
12/12/2020 20:13:47

The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #6

Episode Overview

"If you are not afraid, there is no way you are going to catch this virus...You are getting cells that were grown and developed by dead tissues into your body so that your body can develop antibodies against this virus. This is such a twisted way of defending ourselves..."
02/12/2020 08:45:46

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#12

Episode Overview

Everyone can communicate with other sentient beings, provided that the frequency at which we vibrate is high enough to allow the contact. The first essential step to achieve this is to be aware that, whereas the mind is a mechanical organ, the heard is the true keeper of the soul's consciousness, and the first motor which
21/11/2020 10:12:36

Lea Kapiteli - Starseed #10

Episode Overview

La Commissione
Lea remembers her life as an Ezoni (an E.T. being from a different world) at their early stage of civilization.
12/11/2020 21:07:18

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