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"The Giant of Kandahar" Stats
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The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #2

Episode Overview

NeoX Studio
We are blinded, stumbling toward the edge of a cliff, clinging onto something that we believe is salvation...Ignorance
26/05/2020 19:04:24

The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #1

Episode Overview

NeoX Studio
What we don't know, we fear, What we fear, we despise, What we despise, we hate, Hate leads us to anger, the annihilation of all freedoms. Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group) speaks about the origins of the global "Pandemics" farce.
17/05/2020 23:53:30

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#6

Episode Overview

La Commissione
The desire to possess is nothing but the limit of our current vision of Economy. How can we free ourselves from the cage that keeps our consciences low and vulnerable to fear and egotism? The Universal Love or the awareness of being part of the Creation, in fact each of us being creators of our own reality, becomes a
16/05/2020 14:58:04

The Communitron #2: Climate Changes

Episode Overview

The Communitron speaks again, asking about Climate. Is Man On The Brink Of A Climatic Catastrophe? Is Global Warming Caused By Man's Activities? The Post Climate-Change Scenario is...
03/05/2020 10:26:25

COVID19 - CAT-Bonds and Staged Pandemics

La Commissione
On March 8, 2020, Diego Antolini recorded a video in collaboration con NEXUS, one of The X-Plan Group's partners. In this video Diego spoke about topics that at the time were not yet widely discussed but that today are the subject of many notable doctors and researchers. In particular Diego's video addresses the following:
23/04/2020 23:27:44

Lea Kapiteli - Starseed #6

Episode Overview

La Commissione
As Lea's consciousness expands, scenes from her past lives resurface and begin to unfold. Her life in Atlantis stands out as one of her clearest memories. What was Atlantis? Who was Lea as and Atlantean citizen? What happened to the Lost Continent?
20/04/2020 12:38:37

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#5

Episode Overview

La Commissione
Nicolò Di Lella and Diego Antolini talk about the different levels of sharing and competition, of productive vs opposing actions, of the difference between exterior and inner work, and of the only way humanity has today to free itself from the pit of ignorance and fear in which is locked.
18/04/2020 22:12:27

Lea Kapiteli - Starseed #5

Episode Overview

La Commissione
Enter Mezreth, the Light Being who met Lea in the Astral Dimension and became over the years her mentor, friend and guide. Mezreth imparted scientific knowledge into Lea's mind, told her about his origins, and gave Lea choices to be made in her life on Earth as a Starseed.
22/03/2020 13:25:30

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#4

Episode Overview

La Commissione
In this first confrontation on the Extra-planetary Societies and Exo-Integration Nicolò Di Lella and Diego Antolini share their view about Earth and beyond. Nicolò's message from the Federation of Light and Diego's research on Quantum Geopolitics brings forward an essential question: when will humans reach an evolutionary level that allows a complete integration with alien societies?
21/03/2020 22:07:26

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